Thursday, November 19, 2009

St Louis, Missouri

Like a true train geek, I now too have a youtube video of an Amtrak train, in this case the arrival of my own train.

Waking up in St Louis!
Good morning from St Louis! Gateway to the west. Well, uhm, I forgot what public transport could be like on a bad day. Both in front and behind me are middle aged ladies who are snoring worse than a couple of sailors! Non-stop. All the way. Did I mention non-stop? In fact they are still at it, no matter how many times I accidentally kick the seat in front of me. Gosh. Endless... AAAAArgh, apart from that, all is well, oh and my shoe stopped squeeking! Is it a sign.... :-)

The train arrived here more than an hour early, so now we wait... it is quite beautiful watching a city wake up. You observe yet... you are not part of it.

Okay, after that deep moment I need a cup of very bad coffee!

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