Monday, November 23, 2009

Last days in Chicago...

The Noggeler Guuggenmusig Band from Lucerne playing Jingle Bells at the steps of the John Hancock Building in Chicago. Sunday 22 November 2009. Invented in the first half of the 20th century, carnival bands have a long tradition in Lucerne. Instruments played by amateurs who try to play famous tunes from pop to the latest hits alog to traditional swiss tunes, carnival band play almoust everything in a unique, not-always-right-sounding way, which makes the difference to a professional brass band.

I went to church to the Fourth Presbeterian Church on Mag Mile and what a stunning church and good sermon. The bits I paid attention to... you see... it is the same church where the wedding scene from 'My Best Friends Wedding' was shot. So, right throughout the service I replayed the movie in my mind. Or just when I got into the service, a flash back occured with me unwittingly wispering 'Of Course' making the old lady next to me twitch. I was tempted to pull a Brick wisper from 'In The Middle'on her "FROM THE DEVIL" just to see how well she would cope, but I resisted.

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