Friday, November 27, 2009

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade!


I got up at 5am and checked out, stored my luggage and rushed the 12 blocks to my chosen site just up the road from Times Square. Now, let me explain for you armchair travellers out there. When 12 blocks equals an inch or two on a map it translate to a lenghty walk in real time... Good Lord! I walked and walked and walked, and with each step, it seemed I involuntary picked up speed, building up momentum if you will. All the streets were blocked off so catching a cab was out of the question. Eventually I stumbled across 7th Ave and though it was not my chosen spot, my legs threatened mutiny, claim that spot, or die basically. I might have rounded the corner huffing and puffing and a bit wild eyed, because the sea of humanity (it is still 3 hours before the parade for crying out!) opened up before me. Wondered if Moses felt the same way at the Red Sea? Anyway I found a spot just one person from the barriers. Tried to control my breathing and calm my shaking legs a bit and prepared for the long wait. People actually camped out over night and laid out blankets and chairs to stake their 'place'. Well, lets just say that a certain chair got slowly inched to the left with gentle nudges... inch by inch. Could see the look of surprise an hour later on the guy's face when he realised his 'property' got a lot smaller... ANYWAY...

By 8am there must have been a good 12 rows of people behind me already and by 9am it was jam packed. I had a brilliant spot and was worth the wait. The guy in front of me kept sitting in his chair so I had unobstructed views. (I will add my own photo's and video later)It was pretty awesome. Float after float and band after band, it just kept on coming. It was well worth all the hassle.

Now I am in New Jersey across the Hudson and will trek in every day to the city and return at night.

The adventure continues...

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