Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival in Chicago

Magnificent Mile Lights Festival in Brief:
The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival officially kicks off the Christmas season in Chicago, with numerous fun family activities and the highlight, the Mickey Mouse parade illuminating over one million lights along Michigan Avenue.

Imagine if it is your job to count the lights every year... do you cheat? Medium tree = 756 lights - check, whoa, large tree = 1786 lights - check... Best of all it happened half a block from my hotel... hehe, NO parking problems here!

So, there I stood waiting for the parade, watching the Chicago police baricade the street which ended right infront of me with about a foot shortage of baricade. Over walks two of Chicago's best. The biggest cop takes some yellow police line tape and strings it about 17 times between the two baricades. The smaller cop asked the bigger one if he was scared the smaller ones will break free, when the bigger cop looked me in the eye and said it was not the smaller ones he was afraid of! Jerk. Looking him in the eye and before I could stop myself, I said in my best Brick Heck (from The Middle) wisper 'Dude, Mickey Mouse...' I thought the smaller cop was going to pop a kidney laughing.

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