Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fisticuffs! and then Chicago.

So somewhere in Illinois, enroute to Chicago, two of the older ladies a few rows back in my train car got in a scuffle after one of them got really annoyed by the other one’s incessant ringing cell phone and loud phone conversations. She then told the cell lady to “take her ass to the lounge car” as she was annoying. Did I mention they were old? The cell lady – still on a call – told her caller “the heifer next to me is giving me lip, how about if I just keep my ass here!” Oh boy. After a “You called me what" and a “You heard me, heifer” the 'heifer' stormed off to find herself a conductor. She has been gone a while now. As she stormed passed I noticed that she was wearing a ‘Steve Wilkos Show’ shirt. HA! If you don’t know, Steve Wilkos used to be a bouncer of the Jerry Springer Show and now has his own show. Now again to put it in perspective,,,, these are old ladies! HAHA, I don’t think we are in Texas anymore! So, now I am waiting for the chairs to start flying. Ah, I love America.

Finally! Chicago!
Okay, here I am ensconsed in my hotel, the venerable old Tremont Hotel. I am in love with this old hotel and it is like a sweet homecoming as I have stayed here before. The best is that they offer Judith Jackson amenities. The 5 star creme de la creme (and hard to come by) of spa products. Thank you Jesus for Hotwire! Another bonus is that there is a Starbucks right across the street! To keep with the theme of my trip, it turns out that there is a Christmas Parade Saturday night as they switch the Magnificent Mile's lights on. Whohoooooo!

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  1. Hilarious episode of the old ladies!

    Safe travels Marius!