Thursday, August 12, 2010

One Love - Live From Madrid

Whenever the Playing For Change Band takes the stage, there is always a tremendous amount of love and energy in the air. For this very special performance it was even more palpable, Tula's amazing vocals, Roberto Luti playing the National steel slide guitar, Francois Viguie on the bongos, Stefano Tomaselli on the sax, Venkat playing the tablas, and the beautiful choir vocals of Sinamuva.

This performance served as a powerful milestone in the evolution of Playing For Change. Seeing so many talented musicians from all different cultures and walks of life united on stage for this very special night was a physical manifestation of our mission: to connect the world and bring peace through music.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CONNECTIONS - August 2010

CONNECTIONS: A Mercy Ships Update! In this month's update, we take another close look at the unique world of Mercy Ships. You will find out more about Mercy Ministries, a program set up for crew who work behind the scenes on the Africa Mercy to reach out and help make a difference with the local population. We also learn more about Train the Trainer, a capacity building program that has been created to ensure a lasting impact long after Mercy Ships has departed.