Sunday, February 24, 2013

how 12 minutes out of 60 Minutes can change countless lives

It is pretty incredible how much impact a 12 minute segment out of a 60 minute long television news program can have! CBS' 60 Minutes showed a segment this month about Mercy Ships and my world has been spinning since then! You can watch the segment below by clicking on the picture!


 If you cannot see the video above, click HERE to watch.

According to the Nielsen Ratings the show was seen by 9.5 million people on air and was upstaged by America's Funniest Home Videos. From a live Facebook/Twitter event to answering a million social media questions I have been kept busy. God is amazing and what a response. Overall, people were blown away by what we do day by day and the social media scene has gone crazy!

After more than 11 years with Mercy Ships I have become quite blase about what we do. The response and comments were quite humbling, to say the least!

My favorite was from a mom who wrote about her 11 year old son who asked her to send a portion of his allowance to help Mercy Ships. Pretty humbling.

To see more of what Mercy Ships is all about, visit their website at