Monday, May 31, 2010

Roadtrip: Oklahoma! – Showman's Rest and Bull Rider's Reprieve

Okay, back to the macabre. A bit out of the way, but still on my way home to east Texas, I stopped in the small town of Hugo, Oklahoma. Hugo is the termination point for a goodly number of circus folk. The town, once known as Circus City, USA, is winter headquarters for two different shows: The Kelly-Miller Circus and the Carson and Barnes Circus. Those who do not rise to make the next spring's journey are laid under in Mt. Olivet Cemetery's designated Showmen's Rest.

The rectangular area is marked off by granite posts, each topped by a small elephant statue. In the center is a large headstone with a carving of a performing elephant up on two feet. Underneath is etched "A Tribute To All Showmen Under God's Big Top."

In the nearby Bull Rider’s Reprieve section I found the grave for Bullriding legend Lane Frost. Young Lane always wanted to be buried next to his hero, Freckles Brown, and when a bull killed him in 1989, at age 25, he was. Frost was the 1987 World Bull Riding Champ. The flower urn on his grave reads, "Lane Wasn't Perfect, But He Knew Jesus."

Source: Roadside America

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