Monday, May 10, 2010

American Cultural Observation 215 : Local Music Festival

I love the Texas Rose Horse Park (more info HERE) as it is one happening place!

They hosted the Southbound Sound Music Festival this weekend with the likes of Todd Snider, Old 97's. Joe Ely and Great American Taxi. Seeing it is less than 4 miles from my house it became a must do!

I arrived just as Todd Snider has started his set. It was his birthday and he seemed to be having a blast! I found a very conveniently placed (horse jumping) log to perch on seeing I forgot to bring a chair as usual... but it turned out to be a good spot to do some some great people watching.

The music was a mix of Alt Country, Americana, and Folk and it was all about social issues drenched in sarcasm. You had to listen carefully between the lines to get the message and I admit I gave up after a while. Instead I settled down to catch some sun, perched high up on my log, just like a lizard!

The crowd was smaller than expected and an odd mix of younger hip weekend rednecks mixed with harder exec type dressed in jeans a t-shirt crowd. Much higher gene pool than I expected. Quite a few were well pickled and seemed to be having a blast! It was fun to watch them rebel for a few hours. The crowd grew a bit larger as the sun went down but still stayed smallish.

Every once in a while I had to dodge a beer clutching insane woman on a golfcart. Gosh, she was on a mission to mow the population down! Thankfully the cart was loaded with a group of women so it was easy to dodge as they were shrieking like crazy everytime she hit a pot hole.

A good entertaining outing all in all.

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