Tuesday, May 25, 2010

American Cultural Observation 225 : The Pavilion Sale

I went to a little pavilion sale in my hometown of Mount Sylvan this past weekend. Rummaging around I spotted this beautiful vase. I always wanted one but could never afford one, so first thing I did was to look for an artist mark.

China has been flooding the market with cheap knock-offs. So, I nearly dropped the vase when I spotted it was from the Rosetree Studio in New Orleans. I have seen the artist's (Mark Rozenbaum) work before in New Orleans, but never could afford it, as his work sells for a few hundred dollars. Here I was holding an original one for $25 - discounted to $23. I am now the proud owner of a hefty vase standing 14.5 x 8 x 3. Very proud.

Artist - Mark Rosenbaum - Rosetree | New Orleans
Artist Statement

"It is through twenty years of working with glass that I have gained an understanding of the dialogue that is established between artist and material. A lapse of concentration can ruin a piece, but a controlled flick of the wrist or light breath through the blowpipe can give the piece a subtle curve or movement that makes the piece extraordinary.

It is this controlled spontaneity that makes glass so magical. I know that the weight from the additional glass bits on the side of the piece will stretch the form. But by using centrifugal force and holding the piece at the correct angle and speed, I can create a composition with the glass that allows both the glass and artist some influence on the final piece.

Glassblowing is much akin to a dance; the artist moves with respect and knowledge of the partner. Each has an important contribution to the final piece, but only one will lead - the artist. The dance, when completed, yields an object that was only conceived in one's imagination or on paper, a tangible work as a result of collaboration between artist and material."

-Mark Rosenbaum

Source: rosetreeglass.com

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