Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sundays with Kevin

Here I am again at my favorite table at Chez Marius watching Kevin the Hummingbird feed at my window. Due to the frequency of the visits I am now suspecting that Kevin might in fact be Kevins and even maybe a few Kevinas to boot. Any way Kevin it shall be. Perusing the New York Times I came across The Frugal Traveler blog. As I am planning a bit of a break in November I soon got lost in it and found it very interesting.

With my recent visa experience, it dawned on me that there is still so much I want to see in this great country and that I better get a move on. So I am retracing my steps a bit and plan on revisiting two great cities and explore a new one. So, the plan always has been to experience the Macys Thanksgiving Parade in New York first hand, so I decided to combine it with my love for train travel. The plan is to Amtrak it up to Chicago for a few days, then on to NY and finally explore DC. To boot there is a few new Cirque Du Soleil shows to see, in Chi Town (Vaudeville) and Wintuk in NY. If funding allows it then I would love to see the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Show. So if you are a generous sponsor looking for a way to spoil a hardworking aidworker/missionary, here is your chance! So back to the Frugal Traveler, check out his 'study' on travel websites, it is helping me, so it might help you.

Travel Web Sites: A Click-On Showdown - Frugal Traveler Blog -
Last month, I outlined my methods for planning frugal trips, from setting up Google News alerts to reading local novels set in my destination. Many readers wrote in with tips of their own, including Web sites I’d never heard of or had yet to try. So I put them to the test.

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