Saturday, June 20, 2009

A burglar!

Oh dear... what an exciting week! I finally got the much needed paperwork on my visa extension and thus I can stay for another two years. God is good to me. This week I have taught myself some new skills, loved doing my job and also have seen a friend grow in her self belief. A quick visit to Dallas dropping friends off at the airport and in all a totally smashing week.

I even found myself accosting a burglar in my own kitchen at 1:45 this morning! Woke up to strange scuffling sounds, saw a flashlight play on my bedroom wall and when I investigated, I found a young man climbing down from my kitchen sink! Most impressively I did not drop an F-bomb in my astonishment but rather a booming 'What the heck'! I did scare the moses out of him though! Turned out to be the male half of the house sitting couple from the main house who locked themselves out on their first night when the door shut behind them when they let the dogs out for a wee poo. He found an unlocked window and thought it part of the main house. To his surprise he found a steaming and indignant white African looming in the doorway (in hindsight, he might not have appreciated the fact that I have lost 24 pounds in the last two months) and it took a few minutes of explanations back and forth for the humor of it all to shine through!

All got sorted a bit later on when we did find an unlocked door into the main house. Needless to say it took hours before I could sleep again. That time was used to barricade the windows for my own peace of (neurotic) mind! :-)

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  1. I'm never going to let David forget this story, ever. I told him later that it was a good thing you weren't a Texan! They tend to shoot first and ask questions later.