Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lazy Sunday...

I have a hummingbird feeder hanging in front of my picture window in my living room and find myself sitting here this morning having breakfast and reading the New York Times.
I have this resident hummingbird that comes to feed regularly and sitting here at my table he is about a meter from me. I shall call him Kevin. You can even hear the buzzing of his wings. AMAZING!
I am listening to the Coffeehouse on XM Radio, a tranquil blend of great acoustic songs and cool vibes! nice, very nice.
One story that I enjoyed reading in the NY Times is about David Rohde, a Times Reporter who has held captive for seven months by the Taliban. He escaped simply by scaling the compound wall and legging it to a nearby Pakistani Frontier Corps base. The amazing part of this was the whole kidnapping ordeal was kept quiet by the media. No money paid, no Taliban prisoners released. Good on them! Hats of to you NY Times for not profiting from his ordeal. David Rohde was part of the NY Times’s reporting team that won a Pulitzer Prize this spring for coverage of Afghanistan and Pakistan last year. He got kidnapped with a local reporter and their driver while researching a book in Afghanistan. The local reporter escaped with him but the driver did not. All the makings for a lazy Sunday! Okay, now to get ready for church!

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