Monday, November 1, 2010

Living life vicariously…

So, while having a mind numbingly quiet weekend some of my friends had quite a different time.

Gunning for Jesus!

Shannon found her inner Texan this weekend by going for shooting lessons. After a lengthy safety lesson she got chance to practice and decided that she liked the Glock 40 the best. As she was regaling us with the tale this morning we all realized that she sports the most testosterone in the office. Hands down.

Last night was Halloween and Shannon and Vangie spent the night in Hideaway with some of their friends doing their bit of treating. Trick or Treating is where costumed kids go from house to house and after ringing the doorbell and the house occupants would then offer candy after the kids scream ‘Trick or Treat’. Vangie opened the door and upped the kids by yelling ‘Trick or Treat’ as she was a bit excited. By now all four women crowded the door and started commenting on how scary one of the kid’s outfit was… They must have been a little too enthusiastic because the kid bolted. Mellisa, one of the door crowders took off after the poor kid while holding the bowl of candy yelling "don't you want some candy"?

Reclining Road Kill!

After spending the day at IKEA, Trevor was on his way home late Saturday night when he was accosted by a recliner… in the middle of Highway 110! Trevor came around the corner and hit the recliner full on! It just fell from a truck minutes before and one of the truck occupants was about to pull it out of the road when Trevor came around the corner. The truck valiantly tried to warn Trevor by flashing its head lights but it was too late. In Trevor’s words he had just a few seconds to react. He saw something that looked like a cardboard box in the middle of the road and thought that if he was to swerve he would cause more damage and might even roll his car, so he hit it instead. He knew it was more than a cardboard box when he saw an explosion of stuffing zip past the car... Needless to say the chair did not live and his car got a bit of damage. I kept on badgering Trevor by asking if he saw the recliner’s scared eyes in his headlight just before he hit it.

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  1. weird look? why would that surprise you given the question? :-)