Sunday, January 3, 2010

Living the dream...

As a thankful foreigner legally living in America I got another glimpse of how life here do portray reality TV! So, last weekend I was driving from Dallas towards Hawkins in East Texas to attend a friends birthday party when somewhere on Highway 69 near Emory I spotted flashing police car lights in front of me. At first I thought it a bit weird as it didn't seem to be stopping at all but slowly moving along with the traffic. I reasoned it away that it must have been the angle that I was seeing it, being about half a mile behind them.

Eventually I saw the lights take an exit off the highway and carrying on along the parallel frontage road. A few minutes later I finally got a close-up of all the commotion and it was indeed a high speed chase going on, well, make that a 'low' speed chase. As I passed the cop car, I swear the trooper had a positively bored look about him as he was slouched low in his seat keeping a safe distance behind the mid eighties looking car (here I safely slowed down to figure out the 'perp' was white knuckling it at about 50 mph) driven by a well groomed looking lady in her mid fifties. There was nothing in that glance of her that portrayed a life in crime as she was hunched over the steering wheel totally focused on the road in front of her. She drove straight down the middle of the narrow road, not giving the trooper any space to overtake her. Okay, the whole scenario was a bit whack but oh boy, it was totally fascinating. She must have known the police was behind her! Yet, something about her looked like she was hightailing it home and it was as if the trooper was herding her there all along.

So as I passed them I kept looking in the rear view mirror as the chase continued. A few minutes later the Calvary, in the form of another trooper, came absolutely flying down the frontage road towards the merry chase raising a tiny dust cloud behind him! This dude was the complete opposite of the original trooper, young, cowboy hat drawn low over the forehead... focused. I would have paid money to see the finale play out! Did she make it home? Did the original trooper fall asleep eventually? What did she have in the car that she didn't want the troopers to find? What was she on! Did she lead the troopers straight to her meth lab/trailer? I am pretty sure it moved on from a simple ticket when the chase started, what ever happened to her? What set the chase off, I am pretty sure it was not speeding! So many questions unanswered that I spend the rest of my trip playing through all the scenarios.

All to come to the solution that they are right, crack is whack!

Ah... I love America.

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