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World Humanitarian Day

Mercy Ships Pays Tribute to Ghanaian Crew Member who Battled Cancer


Long-time volunteer Gina Adjei honored for her life of service with Mercy Ships.

Garden Valley, TX (PRWEB) August 14, 2012 

On August 19, World Humanitarian Day raises awareness about humanitarian assistance worldwide – and especially about those people who put their lives at risk while serving others. In recognition of this special observance, the global charity Mercy Ships pays tribute to volunteer crew member Georgina (Gina) Achiaa Adjei (August 12, 1965- July 5, 2012), who served onboard Mercy Ships from 1995 until her death from cancer this summer.

Gina Adjei loves on a young patient.
“People take notice of a life filled with exuberant joy, a spirit of worship, and the genuine faith and knowledge that God is good, all of the time,” says former Mercy Ships Hospital Director Jean Campbell. “Georgina Achiaa Adjei lived just such a life.”

Gina first came aboard the Mercy Ships hospital ship, the Anastasis, in February 1995. She had just married crew member Lawrence Adjei, and she was joining him onboard. Gina initially served in the galley with the Food Services Department.

Lawrence and Gina made their ship’s cabin into a home, and in 2004 the pair welcomed their newborn son, Daniel Ashitey, with great joy and celebration. In 2005, the family transferred from the Anastasis to the newest hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. Four years later, the Adjeis welcomed a daughter, Esther Asheley, into their family.

Gina served in several different departments onboard, beginning with food services. She later moved to the Outreach Department, where she was able to focus on sharing her love for Jesus with those she encountered when the ship was docked in West Africa. She also periodically served as a tour guide, welcoming guests and sharing with them the vision and purpose of Mercy Ships.

In her final years with Mercy Ships, Gina was a counselor with the Patient Life Team. She brought wonderful qualities to this role – her total devotion to God, her years of service with Mercy Ships, her deep understanding of the West African culture, and her great compassion.

African crew members play key roles in Mercy Ships. Ghanaian native Gina Adjei served onboard the ship with 16 crewmembers from Ghana.

When Gina first applied to serve with Mercy Ships in 1995, the following was her answer to the question about her calling: “I see God’s calling in my life as a blessing to others who don’t know Him. And to let my way of life and character attract people to Himself, for His glory also to be revealed.”

Mercy Ships Founders Don and Deyon Stephens say, “Gina more than fulfilled this calling. Her life goes on here on earth in all those she touched, be that fellow crew members, patients in the hospital, or untold visitors to the ships.”


The following volunteer positions are currently available for the 2012 Field Service:
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For more information, contact a Mercy Ships Recruiter at 903-939-7000 or email jobs(at)mercyships(dot)org

The General Assembly of the United Nations has designated August 19 as World Humanitarian Day, to raise public awareness of humanitarian assistance worldwide and the people who risk their lives in order to provide it. Every day, humanitarian aid workers help millions of people around the world, regardless of who they are and where they are. This year’s campaign theme, "People Helping People," is about inspiring the spirit of aid work in everyone.

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