Friday, December 4, 2009

The Long Train Ride Back To Texas!

Washington, DC back home to Texas! Boy, I am actually ready to go home. What an awesome trip this has been and what a blessing to explore a bit more of this amazing country! Go US, Go US, Whohohooo!

Currently I am in St Louis, MO on my final train trip and boy what a long two days to get here. I left DC on Thursday and will arrive home early Saturday morning. The train to Chicago was packed, packed to the brim with all sorts of interesting people and not necessarily the good interesting people you would like to have on a trip of this magnitude.

Behind me was a guy with the most annoying whiney voice who talked on his cell phone all the way to Chicago. Who calls at 2 am!? This guy does! Seriously, I am certain there must have been patches without coverage. This guy soldiered on! In front of me was a pony tailed truck driver on one side of the aisle who hooked up with the blond lady in her 50’s across the aisle from him, and boy, did they get along well!

Somewhere in the wee hours of morning she was sitting on his lap! Next to me were two of the most gentlest of Amish guys who did not know where to look. So needless to say, I arrived in Chicago a bit sleep deprived. Before you ask why I did not change seats, there were none available, but hey, it is all part of travelling.

A five hour layover in a packed waiting room in Chicago with running kids, stressed moms yelling at them… and now on my – thank you Jesus – quiet train ride home. Have been nodding off as you tend to do and woke up startled and what a sight I must have been as I seemed to have sprung a slight drool on the left side of my face! Haha.

One thing I have been enjoying very much about the train rides is to travel through small town USA and see the houses all lit up with Christmas lights. You can tell which streets compete and which ones don’t. Another curious thing is that some towns would not have one little colored light on - either at homes or corporately - while their neighboring towns must be visible from space! I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it in all my travels across the world. It does make Christmas quite jolly and festive.

So this is it for this particular adventure with my squeaky shoe and thank you for your patient reading. It has truly been a blast and a HUGE blessing. I am thankful for the break and rest and for the invigoration of the body and soul and thank you for your encouragement. Thank you also for my sponsors who generously supported in both finances and in prayers through out the year.

God bless.

Meeting up with Tianna and Brenda (Plonis) Steffen at Union Station in DC.

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