Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fireworks, Patriotism and the BBC

I just finished watching yet another brilliant BBC mini-series! It was called The State Within. Jason Isaacs, Sharon Gless and Ben Daniels star in a six-part action-packed thriller. Sir Mark Brydon (Jason Isaacs) is the British Ambassador to Washington, who finds himself at the centre of a terrifying conspiracy that could bring down Western Government. As Mark the Ambassador fights to prevent a looming war, Mark the man is faced with a terrible dilemma. In a world of high stakes where manipulation of information means ultimate power – who can Brydon trust? As Mark slowly realises that he's being played by an invisible puppeteer, he cannot even begin to imagine where the conspiracy ends.

BRILLIANT! All of this in one six episode marathon! Due to the 4th of July longweekend I ended with some more freetime than I planned and once i started watching I had to finish it! Nail biting British take on 24 I guess.

So yet another explosive 4th of July but with temperatures touching 100˚F (38˚C) I opted to watch the fireworks on TV. Thank you Macy's for your sponsorship of the New York Fireworks Show. Got a lot of work done by going to work over the holidays. NO one on base. Quite a pleasure!

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